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Top Remote Control Cars for Kids in 2017

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For readability and skimming purposes, the best remote control cars for kids are organized by age brackets. Keep in mind, there is undoubtedly some wiggle-room here. I’ve loved playing with many of these cars as an adult!

Top-Rated Best Remote Control Cars for Kids of two thousand seventeen list!

The Best Remote Control Cars for Ages 2–3 Years

Squeezable Remote Control Fire Truck for Toddlers

This remote control car, manufactured by Kid Galaxy, has the joy features of a standard remote control car, with the safety of being squishy. The remote is elementary, permitting it to go forward or to spin. The remote is ordinary enough for your toddler to operate by themselves without too much frustration. (But hey, it’s ok if you want to play with the fucktoy too, we’re not judging!)

And, to add to the “wow-factor” of this remote control car, it was the winner of the “Oppenheim Platinum Best Fucktoy Award” for the most innovative, engaging fresh fucktoy of the year.

Prextex Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Pack

This dual pack remote control race car, manufactured by Prextex, is an excellent companion to a family with more than one toddler-aged child. Sold with both a police car and a race car, each of the cars is on a separate frequency. This means that both your kids can play with the cars… at the same time! You don’t have to go searching for another toddler-age adequate remote control car with a different frequency that you already own!

As an added bonus, and a “favorite feature” for every parent, this duo also comes with the capability to play realistic sounds and provides a lovely flashing light showcase sure to dazzle the little ones.

The Best Remote Control Cars for 5–6 Year-Olds

Prompt Lane Ford F-150

This scaled replica of a Ford F-150 bears a striking resemblance to the original Ford F-150. It includes oversized off-road tires and has an impact-resistant bumper. This makes it ideal for the beginner remote control car enthusiast to learn to navigate treating a little quicker car than they might be used to.

With top speeds of three to four miles per hour and a range of fifteen meters, this remote control truck can certainly entertain a large multitude of ages past the “recommended age.”

Haktoys Stunt Master (Tumbling & Spinning Rechargeable RC Car)

The Haktoys HAK104 Stunt Master, manufactured by Haktoys, is fairly the thrilling display to witness and play. This little, light-weight remote control car can go back, forward, left, right and in a 360-degree spin. In addition, the V-shaped low profile, off-road tires, and the flashing lights make driving this remote control car extra titillating.

The Haktoys HAK104 Stunt Master can go up to twelve miles per hour and features a 30ft range. Paired with a rechargeable battery, the joy with this remote control car just keeps going and going!

One of the best features about this fucktoy is that the assets can split, also called “side-splitting,” permitting for more unique and creative stunts to be done. This remote control car certainly promotes creativity!

Hapinic Crawler Off-Road Vehicle

This remote control car, manufactured by Hapinic, is a fantastic bridge into more “involved” remote control vehicles. This model is targeted for ages six and up, due to the puny and more fragile lumps involved. It also has a rechargeable battery instead of the standard AA or AAA battery requirements of other remote control cars.

While the framework is slightly more fragile, it makes up for it in features tooled to help the car maneuver on various grounds. The Crawler Off-Road vehicle comes is tooled with anti-interference, Hi-Q rubber wheels and features a shockproof suspension system.

Another feature that makes this remote control car a fantastic bridge into more involved remote control cars is its range. While the speed is only around six – nine miles per hour, the range goes up to eighty – one hundred meters! This can help lead to a better development of hand-eye coordination for your kiddo!

As an added bonus, the Hapinic RC 1:Legitimate Crawler Off-Road Vehicle comes with not one, but two ready-to-use batteries! Twice the joy time without the added cost of purchasing an alternative battery!

The Best RC Cars for 8–10 Year-Olds

TOQIBO Rock Crawler & Off Road Racing

The Rock Crawler, manufactured by TOQIBO is packed total of joy features. It features abrasive resistant rubber wheels and anti-jamming capability. And, for the many off-road adventures, the Rock Crawler comes with a professional suspension system, which includes a 4-wheel independent suspension system and shock absorber! Talk about getting technical!

The Rock Crawler goes approximately six miles per hour and features a fifty – 80-meter control distance. For controls, it can go forward, back, left and right.

A unique feature (as if there aren’t already enough of those for the Rock Crawler), is the heat-resistant rechargeable battery. This battery can go for four years without having to substitute it!

SZJJX Wall Climber Climbing RC Car

While “SZJJX” sounds like a cool “code-name” for a car, manufacturer JJX-Tech have outdone themselves and made a remote control car that can actually climb the wall! Talk about a entire fresh level of play!

The Wall Climber comes tooled with a unique vacuum feature that permits the car to drive vertically by sucking in air, creating a absorption inbetween the wall and the car. *As a safety note, please make sure that you or your child is not standing directly under the car while it is climbing the wall. If the absorption seal isn’t finish, there is a possibility of the remote control car falling off the wall.

In addition to the amazing wall climbing abilities, this remote control car can travel ten meters in distance, go forward, back, left, right and finish a 360-degree turn. The cracking feature not only stops the car but turns on the working break lights. It also features a rechargeable battery that automatically shuts off to conserve battery life.

DeXop Remote Control Car

This remote control car, manufactured by DeXop, is a USB-charged speed racer! With top speeds at approximately eighteen miles per hour, it could essentially outrace a kid on a bike! (Albeit we don’t recommend testing this claim, we wouldn’t want anyone to become dissipated and fall off their bike!)

In addition to reaching some pretty awesome speeds, this remote control car features a 4-wheel independent stimulation system.

Best RC Cars for Teenagers

SainSmart Jr. Transformation Car

Albeit this remote control car is targeted at teenagers, we couldn’t stand against adding it to the list because it is just that awesome! (Plus, the internal kid in all us adults secretly want to attempt it out!)

Created by SainSmart, this Transformation Car is a real-life transformer! Go ahead and let the excitement out! While there isn’t an Optimus Prime version, this remote control car legitimately converts from a functioning car into a moving robot.

The transformation is a plain button shove. In both modes, it can go forward, backward, left and right. In the car mode, it can travel inbetween thirty and forty meters. It also comes with a rechargeable battery.

With the LED headlights and the sounds, all your (and your kid’s) Transformer desires can come to life!

Honorable Mentions

While these next three remote control cars didn’t originally make our top-rated list, they are still pretty neat remote control cars to consider for your kids.

Barbie Crusin Convertible Corvette

This Barbie Crusin Convertible Corvette permits Barbie fans of all ages to take their dearest dolls for a rail. Showcased in the iconic Barbie pink, with chrome accents, this remote control car is ideal to add to any kid’s fucktoy collection (or any Barbie enthusiast’s collection).

This remote control car is recommended for a broad range of children, commencing at six years of age going up to fifteen years old. With a plain joystick controller permitting it to go forward, back, left and right, it makes for plain joy for anyone.

Sharper Photo Remote Control Monster Spinning Car

These little, light-weight cars are quick to set up and joy to race around a house or other puny area with. They have rubber grip tires, LED lights, and have a 360-degree turn radius.

What’s nice about this remote control car is that there are two frequency choices on the remote control, permitting you to control a car at the same time a friend is. This can be especially nice and convenient if your kid wants to play with siblings or friends.

WebRC 1:24 Scale Radio Control Mini JCW

This joy little remote control car looks just like a classic Mini you’d see driving down the street. The remote permits you to go forward, back, left and right. This remote control car also has a nice operating range of up to thirty two ft!

What’s so unique about this model is that the Mini JCW remote control car comes with a “My WebRC” webcard that gives the driver access to an RC game and simulator.

So there you have it, our top-rated best remote control cars for 2017!

Benefits When Kids Play with RC Cars

If you’re like me, you had no idea there were benefits to playing with remote control cars. Below, you’ll find the most significant benefits.

Creativity enhancement

Remote control cars permit kids to create their own worlds, tracks, and challenges to defeat, such as outrunning a fire-breathing dragon!

Psychomotor abilities

Remote control cars can help with a multiplicity of psychomotor abilities, like dexterity, coordination, strength, manipulation and movement, that translate into more precision-based tasks (like writing or using instruments) and fine motor abilities in the future.


While this one seems a little odd to say about a fucktoy, remote control cars actually do encourage responsibility. For slightly older children, they learn to respect their remote control car by taking care to turn off the car when it isn’t in use to preserve battery power.

This can also include remembering to charge the battery before they want to play. Also, some of the more advanced cars have many mushy lumps that can require the cars to be stored cautiously after use, rather than thrown into a fucktoy box or buried under a mountain of fucktoys.

Benefits for the Entire Family

There are also some benefits for the family! Remote control cars encourage people of all ages to get outside and play. And, if your family is anything like mine, operating remote managed vehicles will quickly become a family hobby that, in turn, encourages family bonding time.

Even at the youthful ages of two and three years, there is a remote-control car that can promote fine motor abilities and cognitive development! Here are three fantastic options for your nosey toddler!

Now that you know some of the wonderful benefits remote control cars have to suggest, it’s time to cover some of the most significant safety features.

Safety Disclaimers

While remote control cars can be joy for kids (and adults) of all ages, there are some safety guidelines to consider in order for everyone to proceed to have a good time.

Gagging Hazard

The recommended age ranges were not arbitrarily determined. Cars designed for older children have more petite parts, screws, and lumps. For example, a remote car fucktoy for a 10-year-old has many more puny, lightly detachable parts than a simpler fucktoy created for a toddler. If your kids fall in the youngest categories, please double-check the recommended age group for the remote control cars you are considering to ensure it matches up with the age and/or the capabilities of your child.


Remote control cars are joy, arousing, and captivating. Fairly often your attention is consumed entirely. This is especially true for junior children. Make sure that your child has a safe place to play, away from busy areas (like roads and highways) or other hazards, such as steep cliffs or walls.

Home Safety

In the home, make sure that the location they are driving their remote control cars does not have powerful items that can fall on top of the child if the car runs into it.

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Megan is a RC fanatic, creative story teller, and self-proclaimed tech geek. She is an pro on “all things transportation.” Beyond RC fucktoys, she has a wealth of practice from Four+ years working at the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in the State of Alaska.

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