UPDATES, Violent carjacking involving weapons leaves man injured in Nechells – Birmingham Mail

UPDATES | Violent carjacking ‘involving weapons’ leaves man injured in Nechells

West Midlands Police officers remain at the scene

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  • Updated 14:12, twenty six JUL 2017
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A man has been left injured after being pulled from his car in a violent carjacking thought to involve weapons.

It is understood the victim, aged 34, was in a grey BMW when he was set upon by a gang who made off with the vehicle.

Police cordoned off the scene in Duddeston Manor Road after the attack around Three.30am this morning.

West Midlands Police officers remain at the scene near St Matthew’s Primary School.

Go after updates below from the emergency services and our reporter at the scene.

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Key Events

Forensic teams expected shortly

Police forensic teams are expected to arrive at the scene shortly.

A large chunk of blue tarpaulin remains at the scene covering a spread across Duddeston Manor Road.

Forensic officers are expected to carry out tests and searches of the scene, as police proceed to hunt those responsible.

That completes our updates from Nechells today.

Residents give their thoughts on carjacking

Reporter Cathrina Hulse has been gathering reaction in the neighbourhood.

A 21-year-old local man has claimed carjackings were common in the area.

He has lived in Duddeston Manor Road for seven years.

“There’s always something going on “ he said.

“It’s getting worse. I did wake up at Three.30 this morning and looked out of my window but that was to check that my car was okay. I didn’t see or hear anything . I’ve grown up here and I attempt to stay out of trouble “.

Another local resident said car crime was common but added: “But you get good and bad in all areas.“

But that view was challenged by another resident who said speeding was the main issue .

It’s 20mph here but the kids just go tearing down the road . I haven’t heard of any car jackings.”

A passerby said she lives on the other side of Nechells . She was shocked at the drama but said ‘things were getting worse ‘. “Things don’t stay the same “ she added . “There’s good and bad in every area . “It’s the people who are moving in .”

Map shows CARJACKINGS around the West Midlands

A large number of carjackings have been reported around Birmingham and the West Midlands in latest months.

Often these attacks involved youthfull groups of dudes attacking women on their own.

This map shows twenty reported carjackings inbetween November and April. There may be more which have not been publicised.

The cordon a brief while ago

Duddeston Manor Road remains closed this afternoon.

‘Welcome to Nechells’

A man who works in the area has spoken out about drug-culture in Nechells.

“We have had lots of anti-social behaviour (in Nechells). I just heard it was a serious brunt .

The road was cordoned off when I got here at eight this morning .“

“There’s a lot of youths in the area. I caught a kid selling drugs once in the tower block .

Drivers being turned away from area

Reporter Cathrina Hulse from the scene.

Motorists are continuing to drive down Duddeston Manor Road and are turning a back when faced with the police cordon.

Many residents emerge unaware of the incident and are coming out of their homes to see what police are in the area this morning.

Man hurt in carjacking involving weapons

Today’s incident goes after a carjacking which left a man with injuries to his head and face.

A group are understood to have attacked the man, who was in a grey BMW – with weapons before stealing his car.

The man, 34, is presently in hospital being treated for his injuries.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said:

Police received a call just after Three.30am this morning (26 July) reporting that a man had been set upon by a group who stole his car.

It’s understood the victim – a 34-year-old man – was in his grey BMW with the fellows in Duddeston Manor Road, Aston, when they turned on him attacking him with weapons.

The victim suffered head and facial injuries and is presently in hospital.

Anyone with information – especially any witnesses who eyed the robbery – is urged to call the Force CID Investigation Team at Bournville police station on one hundred one or Crimestoppers anonymously on eight hundred 555111.”

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