Why Consumer Reports and J

Why Consumer Reports and J.D. Power Are So Different

When Consumer Reports issued its two thousand twelve Annual Auto Reliability Survey on Monday, the big news was that Ford had glided once again in the rankings, coming to rest in 27th place out of twenty eight brands included in the analysis.

That news also placed a concentrate on Jaguar, which was at the bottom of the list for the 2nd consecutive year. Contine reading

Where to Advertise a Vehicle

Where to Advertise a Vehicle

Listing your car or truck online is one of the best ways to advertise your vehicle to thousands of consumers all over the United States.

Below are just a few examples of the reputable sites you’ll want to consider as you weed through the options.

eBay Motors

One of the largest selections of classified ads, eBay will let you choose to sell your vehicle either locally or nationally. Contine reading